In January 2021, apparel, cell phones, electronics and toys were just some of the categories that saw increases vs the monthly average for the year. While we can’t predict which categories will see more auctions or the exact timeframe they will be listed, we expect a similar trend this January.

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Home & Garden items make for popular gifts during the holidays. This also means they’re on the roster to be returned or exchanged in the new year. You can often find lawnmowers or power tools that are being liquidated at 10-15% of retail!

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With resale expected to grow 11x times faster than the broader retail clothing sector by 2025, resellers can purchase department store’s overstock and returns on B-Stock apparel marketplaces.

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Mixed lots can be the perfect way to source products of multiple categories in one auction! You can also cut down on shipping costs when compared to purchasing multiple auctions for the same type of inventory.

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