In an online marketplace environment, the “Network Effect” is what happens when you build a successful relationship between buyers and sellers around a common product or category. 

Join us for a webinar next Thursday, March 19 at 3pm EST as we explore the correlation between marketplaces and bidders, how the expansion of one leads to growth of the other, and the equilibrium of both. 

Based on years of B-Stock’s transactional data and experience, the webinar will cover:

  • How B-Stock grew its network: from initial seller + buyers, through today 
  • Buyer behavior when a seller joins an already established network
  • Pricing and demand trends across key categories: Apparel, Appliances, Mobile
  • Real case studies from current clients on being part of the Network Effect

The webinar will be hosted by B-Stock’s Vice President, Eric Moriarty. Eric has decades of experience building B2B online marketplaces, enabling today’s biggest retailers and brands to recover more for their returned, excess and other liquidation merchandise. We hope you can join us!

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