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Rise of the Mobile Secondary Market

The mobile secondary market is booming: last year it was estimated at $17 billion and that number is expected to grow substantially in 2017. Manufacturers annually upgrading their phones and the exponential growth of trade-in programs have played the biggest role in that growth. In 2014, we successfully launched our first mobile device marketplace for …

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What’s your B2B solution for wireless inventory?

Between technology upgrades, trade-in programs and fickle buyer behavior, wireless dealers are left with millions of dollars in excess merchandise annually. Most of it can’t go back on store shelves and is better suited for liquidation or wholesale. That said, if you’ve historically relied on traditional B2B methods, like selling to a handful of buyers, …

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The Rise of Cell Phone Buyback Programs and B2B Marketplaces

The explosion of cell phone buyback and trade-in programs have created an influx of used devices available on the secondary market. Over the past couple years a shift has taken place in the way wireless retailers, manufacturers or cell phone buyback companies leverage the secondary market: as a compliment to their already existing programs, many …

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