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We are excited to announce the launch of our newest private marketplace for cell phones and accessories called B-Stock Wireless (  B-Stock Wireless Liquidation Auctions offers customer returned and excess inventory including bluetooth devices, smartphone cases, tablet keyboard cases, and other mobile accessories in varying quantities and conditions from our newest enterprise seller.

  Zagg Bluetooth Keyboards and Cases for iPad Mini and Air, Customer Returns (BSS1-701-Lot 8) 3,517 Units, Retail 2,665, Fort Worth TX liquidation auction. B-Stock Wireless     Otterbox Cases & Chargers, Customer Returns (BSS1-701-LOT 1), 7,954 Units, Retail 1,942, Fort Worth TX liquidation auction. B-Stock Wireless     mobile accessories liquidation

B-Stock Wireless provides detailed and accurate range of descriptions that enable buyers to bid with confidence. Listings are always closing soon, so register now at

We are thrilled to officially welcome our newest seller, operating under the B-Stock Wireless banner, to the B-Stock Sourcing Network.