Month: February 2012

CFO’s are looking for efficiencies through technology

Great article today in the Wall Street Journal talking about how CFO’s are becoming more aggressive about spending on technology to promote efficiency in their organizations. According to Andrew Bartels, an analyst at Forrester Research, “CFOs are now being confronted with a handful of technologies that promise to upend the way business has long been …

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eBay Radio Show Shines Light On The B-Stock Sourcing Network

During the product sourcing segment on the eBay Radio Show last week, Howard Rosenberg (CEO of B-Stock Solutions) was asked to provide some insight on the B-Stock Sourcing Network, and how it helps eBay sellers source inventory smarter. As the hosts of the show points out, serious eBay sellers are always on the look out …

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Wholesale electronics lots via liquidation auctions

We are asked frequently by buyers about how to source “wholesale electronics lots”. Electronics is a category that is extremely attractive to online and offline resellers because the products are in high demand and carry a relatively high price per unit. That means a reseller can make more absolute dollars of profit per transaction, which …

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