Month: June 2009

Everything as a Service

Yesterday, I attended GigaOM’s Structure ’09 conference where HP’s CTO of Cloud Services Strategy, Russ Daniels, made a bold prediction. “Everything as a Service.” To clarify, Daniels’ believes that the current trends in technology will lead to a world where “information, opportunities and experiences — from computing power to business processes to personal interactions” will …

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Dealing with Forecast Inaccuracies

In my inbox this morning, I found a press release announcing a massive one-day $5 million inventory reduction auction by boating company North Point Water Sports.  Events such as this are not uncommon in the manufacturing industry as excess inventory is a major problem for many companies operating in a make-to-stock environment. Unfortunately, a fundamental …

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Preparing for Disruptive Events

Great article by Steve Banker over at Logistics Viewpoint titled Integrating Strategic and Supply Chain Planning at Emerson. In the article, Steve gives a case study of Emerson Process Management, a company that has prepared itself for turbulent times by implementing a robust strategic management planning process. A major part of Emerson’s risk analysis accounts …

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How did we get here?

When I launched the eBay Private Marketplace business in 2004, I spent most of my time that first year talking to retailers and manufacturers learning how they manage bulk liquidation (ie. truckloads and pallets) of excess, overstock and returned inventory. After the first 20-30 of these conversations, I was amazed by the consistency of what …

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