ALLTECH Wholesale Liquidations On-Site Inspection Policies

Merchandise can be inspected prior to any account ending, by appointment only. Please contact [email protected] with a requested date and time to inspect a specific lot. Inspections must be scheduled at least 24 hours before the end of the auction.

  • Buyer must clear security both in and out.
  • Buyer may not carry cell phones into the secure area.
  • Buyer may not remove any labels from any product.
  • Buyer may bring no more than 4 people into the secure area.
  • Buyer must replace the unit back into the same box from which it was removed.
  • Buyer may bring in a single laptop and additional power cords.
  • ALLTECH Wholesale will provide one power strip and access to outlet.

Any discrepancies identified will be set aside and noted to ALLTECH Wholesale. ALLTECH Wholesale will inspect the unit to determine whether there is a discrepancy. In the event that the discrepancy is confirmed ALLTECH Wholesale will have the option to reduce the invoiced quantity and remove the item or replace with another similar item.

Discrepancies will be defined as:

  • Wrong model (the label on the outside of the bubble bag does not match the actual unit model). Note that the product on the label may differ from the product on the bubble bag.
  • Shortage/Overage: Note that ALLTECH Wholesale must confirm total count before this will be accepted.
  • Working/Non-Working: Product is in a ‘Working’ box but is found to be not working based on the definitions below. Note that the Non-working and ‘For Parts’ lots are currently combined.