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Holiday spending for 2021 is expected to shatter previous records, in turn, holiday returns will hit records too. The National Retail Federation predicts retail sales will be up 8.5% - 10.5% from last year totaling between $843.4 billion and $859 billion! So, what does that mean for returns? Short answer: Retailers are bracing for record numbers. The B-Stock retail returns experts have crunched the numbers and this is what we’re forecasting.

B-Stock Holiday Returns Data Center

Did you know?

The post-holiday returns reveal

$112-$114 billion

$112 - $114 billion worth of merchandise will be returned to retailers post-holiday

43 - $45 billion of that will come from eCommerce returns alone

$43 - $45 billion

11-15% increase in online sales

Online sales are expected to increase 11-15% from last year to reach $218.3 - $226.2B


of online shoppers admit to ‘bracketing’ (the practice of buying multiple sizes and returning the ones that don’t fit)

Online purchases are returned at double the rate of in-store purchases

A recent consumer survey reveals free shipping and free returns to be the top driver for online shoppers

Retailers put less than 10% of returned items back on primary shelves