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Meet our buyers: 100,000+ spanning 130 countries

In every major city around the world there are businesses that purchase customer-returned and excess inventory for resale. This “secondary market” represents over 3% of the U.S. economy and is growing 8% annually. Historically, large liquidators were the only channel retailers and manufacturers had to offload merchandise into the secondary market; resulting in low recovery …

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It’s Time For Manufacturers To Prioritize Returned And Excess Inventory

Every manufacturer has surplus: returned, excess or overstock inventory that sits in a warehouse, taking up space. Lack of innovation over the past few decades around how organizations approach disposing of their surplus inventory has resulted in billions of dollars lost and can no longer be left to inefficient, reactive or outdated methods. Considering 15 …

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Why a Big Buyer Network Matters

A network of secondary market buyers is essential for any retailer with ongoing liquidation needs. Historically, most retailers have depended on one or two large liquidators to purchase their returns, excess and other overstock inventory: this method leaves substantial amounts of money on the table, as liquidators – who aren’t being forced to negotiate – …

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Why DOT COM Returns Are Worth a Second Look

When it comes to customer returns, not all are created equal. Depending on the retailer’s return policy, some merchandise will be taken back even if extremely used, damaged or in salvage condition. This is particularly the case with in-store returns: a face-to-face explanation of why a worn out item isn’t needed anymore (despite its heavy …

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Sourcing trade-in devices for resale? Not all B2B channels are created equal

Continuous technology upgrades combined with the explosion of cell phone buyback, trade-in and refurbishing programs have created a robust secondary market for wireless devices. Consider this: the average person upgrades their phone every 22 months, most likely leveraging one of the thousands of cell phone trade-in programs available. Whether traded in to a mom-and-pop shop …

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The Best Way to Sell Excess Inventory

To remain competitive in today’s fickle retail environment, you need to stay ahead of the times—this includes finding new and better ways to handle returned and excess inventory. Traditional methods for selling liquidation inventory are becoming increasingly outdated; there is a more profitable way to recover revenue on overstock, damaged or returned products. Read on …

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In an increasingly volatile retail climate, strategic liquidation matters

The brick and mortar breakdown continues: last week we read about another teen-apparel company fighting for survival (joining a growing list of major chains struggling to stay afloat in today’s fickle retail environment). The clear culprit is the shift in consumer behavior from in-store to online and the inability of these once-popular stores to keep …

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New Auction Submission Tool Launches on B-Stock Supply

Our latest technology release makes uploading auction listings on B-Stock Supply a breeze. With our new Manifest Template, Supply sellers can make edits, search and sort through their manifest listings with ease (we’ll even calculate totals for you– no need to do the math or apply formulas!). We’ve also created an online portal that allows …

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Meet the Latest Addition to the Forbes Tech Council

An invitation to the Forbes Technology Council means you’ll be joining the ranks of  Oracle, Salesforce, Cisco, Thomson Reuters, and many more highly successful technology leaders. It’s a prestigious council – members are often published in Forbes – and we’re pleased to report that B-Stock’s own Vice President of Engineering, Ivaylo Iliev, has recently been …

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