Duracell Powermat Partners with B-Stock Solutions to Launch B2B Online Marketplace

Duracell Powermat B2B Logo

Duracell Powermat B2B is a joint venture that brought together two industry-shaping pioneers: Duracell and Powermat Technologies. The Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System provides wireless charging for iPhones and other compatible mobile phones. B-Stock Solutions is proud to be selected by Duracell Powermat to launch their official Duracell Powermat B2B Marketplace (http://duracallpowermat.bstocksolutions.com) and provide buyer members of the B-Stock Sourcing Network access to a variety of Duracell Powermat inventory in bulk lot auctions.

Throughout the launch process, the B-Stock Solutions team worked closely with the Duracell Powermat team to meet their requirements and drive awareness to the upcoming inventory offerings less than 30 days.

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Approved buyers can purchase a variety of products including wireless charging cases, portable backup batteries and wireless charging mats. To review a detailed manifests which includes quantities and components; please visit Duracell Powermat B2B Marketplace at http://duracallpowermat.bstocksolutions.com. Please note that only approved buyers may view the inventory manifests.

We are thrilled to officially welcome Duracell Powermat to the B-Stock Sourcing Network.